Welcome to Tahoe LLC

We are a family-owned textile mill founded in 1987 in Blacksburg, South Carolina.  Our mill has made specialty textiles for commercial airlines and US Military for over 30 years.  Our woven fabrics are designed and made on site in the USA. We uniquely apply specialty coatings and treatments to our products.

and BSafe Gloves

In order to expedite our processing and shipping, gloves are currently imported to our facility. We are able to custom treat each glove to our military-grade antimicrobial BSafe coating specifications right here in the USA, and most orders ship out within 1 business day.  

The Process

Making gloves antimicrobial takes time and ingenuity

The treatment of the pre-made, imported nylon gloves with antimicrobial metallic salts is a several step process.

The  first step involves removing materials that are used to help yarn move more easily through the manufacturing machinery.  This is done by thoroughly washing and drying the gloves.

The cloth is then put into a proprietary aqueous solution which has silver as the active ingredient. After soaking for a period of time, the excess is centrifuged out and the cloth is then heated to a temp that will cause the antimicrobial material  to penetrate and permanently attach to the nylon fibers.  The temp at which this happens will  exceed the temperature reached by any conventional dryer, which makes the treatment durable, even when put in the washer and dryer.

Once the chemicals are set into the surface of the fiber, it actually shrinks a bit.  We then wash and dry the cloth once again to remove any excess chemical and relax the fiber which also helps expand the cloth back to something very close to what it was before the high temp treatment.

Then it's time to inspect and individually package the gloves. 


Ongoing virus research

Additional Information

The  gloves are treated with a solution which contains antimicrobial silver. The solution is also used in military specialty clothing and has passed  many tests to confirm its antimicrobial qualities. Covid-19 lives for  various times on various surfaces i.e. cotton, metal, cardboard, skin  etc.  These gloves are designed to reduce the time the virus may live on  the surface of the glove vs your hand (where it can easily be  transmitted to your mouth and eyes). The Company that manufactures the specialty wash has completed some preliminary testing on textiles that have been treated this way.  Please see our Test Results page to see their findings.

The  product is intended to be used by those who have to be out and about to  work, shop, take care of loved ones and deliver essential goods.  They  are designed to help reduce their risk.  They are designed to be  comfortable and should not be considered a replacement for sterile  latex.  Please do not consider them as a product that will keep you  completely safe from getting sick from Corona or any other virus;  rather, that your gloves will help to reduce the probability of getting  sick. No product can completely eliminate the risk as far as we know.  They are also machine washable and we recommend washing them between  uses where potential exposure to the virus has occurred. 

Helping  to maintain the health and well being of our customers is the reason we  have developed this product.  We also recommend the use of masks,  especially for those in the higher risk categories, and are in process  of developing one that is treated with the same antimicrobial formula.   Obviously staying home is still the best way to avoid the virus.